MUSIC, the Universal Languagedo you speak it?

Students who wish to pursue music study for the joy of music alone are more than welcome at Trio Music Studio – there are so many benefits and enjoyment to be had (immediate and long-term), it is reason enough.  Goals are an integral part of all lessons and ensure an increase in music literacy and skills.

Thorough preparation is offered for those who wish to add a competitive aspect whether it is to meet a personal goal through exams or an interpersonal goal through festivals.

Performance can enhance and solidify skills, including confidence.  Opportunities for performance and scheduling of rehearsals are provided by Trio Music Studio throughout the year as a benefit to interested students.

So, Welcome!

Welcome to my studio and the exciting journey of exploring the Joy of Music together.

“Margaret played a major (huge) part in Joel’s voice success as it played out in the RCM exams, Kiwanis, various recitals, musical theatre awards, overall self-esteem, confidence and other multiple developments that go along with musical success.  We are appreciative of this beyond the expression of words.” John T, parent of Joel: Voice, Theory and Piano student

“Margaret is an amazing teacher! I am impressed with how she keeps in mind the final musical product, scaffolding each step until you achieve your best. Personally, I have great exam anxiety; however, with her support I felt so prepared for my exam, that for the first time in my life I knew I was totally ready for that challenge.  I love my singing lessons with Margaret! She cares about my vocal health.” Maria C, Voice, Theory and Piano student

What’s available?
Voice lessons for all levels (RCM Certified Teacher – Advanced Specialist) Theory/Harmony/History lessons for all levels (RCM Certified Teacher – Advanced Specialist)
Piano lessons for beginner through intermediate levels (RCM Certified Teacher – Elementary Specialist)

Musicianship classes ~ Combination classes

Recitals ~ Festivals ~ Exam preparation